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(Most librarians are stuck on peer reviewed information as the only acceptable information. Nothing on this page is peer reviewed.

I've included ways for you to check the information for yourself and decide for yourself what really happened on 9/11.)

Librarian For Truth YouTube Channel

On this website I will prove there were
no passenger planes on 9/11,
no hijackers,
no airline passenger deaths, and
no passenger planes hit the twin towers or the Pentagon

According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics,
American Airline flights 11 and 77 were cancelled on 9/11
These planes were never in the air on 9/11.
AA 11 supposedly hit the first tower at 8:46 am, and AA 77 supposedly hit the Pentagon at 9:37.

Check it for yourself!
Go to: https://transtats.bts.gov/ONTIME/FlightNumber.aspx and enter flight information.

Thanks to Peter Meyer at http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa_flts/aa_flts.htm for pointing out this important information.

So what did hit the 2nd tower? We were told it was UA 175 at 9:03am.
There may be other video out there I haven't found
yet but I do know of one good video source that shows the real "plane"
that you can see for yourself on the internet.
NBC caught it approaching the towers. Here it is:

Thanks to Simon Shack's September Clues for discovering this
and showing how TV media was tampered with on 9/11

Check it for yourself! Go to September 11 Television Archive

You can watch 9/11 news footage from any of these stations.

Here is the NBC video (8:31-9:12 am)

That leaves UA 93 which supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania.
Below are official photos of the "crash site" in Pennsylvania.
Where is the airplane wreckage, seats, luggage, engine, wings, tail, etc.?
Note the size of the people in the 3rd photo compared to the size of the hole.
This is simply not the crash site of a large passenger plane.

Below are some photos of actual airplane crash sites for comparison:

According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics,
UA 93 was "diverted" as was UA 175 (the supposed 2nd plane to hit the towers)


Missing rubble

Why thermite cannot cause skyscraper collapses

A Missile hit the Pentagon?

Drones? UFOs? flying around the Twin Towers

just prior to collapse?

YouTube videos made by Librarian for Truth

Holes in buildings

Steel and concrete
turned to dust

Freefall collapse acknowledged by NIST for WTC7

Building 7 photos

Squibs and light flashes in the towers

Smoke and fires at the base of the towers

7 WTC buildings were destroyed on 9/11

Pentagon Security Camera video

40 ft deep holes in the bathtub

Temperatures at ground zero

Photos of core columns


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