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NEW VIDEO posted March 2015 Flipped and burnt cars

1400 toasted cars,
flipped vehicles,
Police vehicles,
Fire Trucks

Lack of rubble

Other sites with toasted cars, metal, rust and fuming
Middle East, Bali, Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Why thermite cannot cause skyscraper collapses

A Missile hit the Pentagon?

Drones? UFOs? flying around the Twin Towers

just prior to collapse?

YouTube videos made by Librarian for Truth

Flights 11 and 77 did not fly on 9/11
--Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Holes in buildings

Steel and concrete
turned to dust

Freefall collapse acknowledged by NIST for WTC7

Building 7 photos

Squibs and light flashes in the towers

Smoke and fires at the base of the towers

Weird photos

7 WTC buildings were destroyed on 9/11

Pentagon Security Camera video

40 ft deep holes in the bathtub

Temperatures at ground zero

Photos of core columns


Jumpers and people in the towers
Caution - some people may find these images upsetting

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Books, videos,

The obligations of librarians

Other truths: MK Ultra, Human Experimentation, Torture, etc.

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